Dr Harriet Nabudere

Deputy Director General
Dr Nabudere is a public health physician and expert in knowledge management, specifically, knowledge translation for policy and practice. She trained at Makerere University (MBChB) and BRAC University (Dhaka) for her Masters degree in Public Health (MPH). Her experience in the field of Public Health has been for over fifteen years since 2005 with more than twelve years at senior management and research level.

She has skills in research synthesis where evidence from health research is acquired, assessed for quality, and packaged in user-friendly formats for policymakers and decision-makers to be adapted for application in low-resource settings. Her experience and competencies include development and evaluation of research or knowledge synthesis products and services; such as evidence-based policy briefs and policy dialogues, to engage multiple national stakeholders within Ugandaís health system and applicable across LMIC contexts. She is conversant with systematic review methodology for both quantitative and qualitative reviews.

Dr Nabudere is currently the Deputy Director General at the Uganda National Health Research Organisation (UNHRO). UNHRO is the national focal point for the East African Health Research Commission (EAHRC) and is mandated to coordinate, regulate and promote health research in the country. Under this capacity, she is also the National Coordinator for the EAHRC for the implementation of the Commissionís strategic plan at national level. As well, contributing to the EAHRC journals through editorial management for the East African Health Research Journal and providing support and training
for other editorial roles.